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Combi MC BERTIN is a paint that creates the texture of natural Italian marble. It is composed of special acrylic resin and marble mineral particles and shows great weather-resistance, durability, and especially contamination-resistance. It is also easy to clean. It actually creates the texture of Italian marble and is an eco-friendly product that is low in VOCs and contains no HCHO, which is the basic requirement for interior paints.


  • 1) Interior walls of any type of buildings, i.e., concrete, cement mortar, plaster board, plywood, PC board, ALC board, GRC board, etc
  • 2) Artistic spaces: Exhibition halls, multipurpose halls, galleries, concert halls, etc
  • 3) Public places: Wedding halls, libraries, churches, schools, public buildings, etc
  • 4) Commercial places: Cafes, hotels, condominiums, entertainment venues, etc


Item Product Amount (kg/㎥) Method Color Remarks
Undercoat Combi Primer
Under Lining Tape Joints
Lining Combi MC BERTIN
Combi Texture Topcoat
Topcoat Combi Water-soluble AS#300



process chart

Process Material Mixing (Ratio) Amount (kg/㎟) No of Coats,Interval (HR) Method
Within Process Between Process Final Curing
1 Surface Preparation /Inspection
2 Undercoat
3 Joint
4 Under Lining
5 Lining






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